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Do you know what suck the heads means? Cause i came down here with keith once, and he didn't know, and, i mean it aint nothin bad, its about eatin

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NewgroundsDummie's News

Posted by NewgroundsDummie - September 22nd, 2012

Happy madness day beeches.

Posted by NewgroundsDummie - March 12th, 2012

I havent been dead, just buys as fuck with life, school, and other shit. It is now time i say goodbyes to the old life i had on here considering my lazy ass is too fuckin lazy to animate a simple thing, lmfl, but its been alot alot of great memories. No im not leavin the website, i just wont be animating anymore, as i said (my old life on here) i will still talk to whoever wants to talk, watch animations, play games and rate shit, but im way to busy to animate, and have got no time to do it. If i ever animate anything again, it'll probably be in the future, but right now, im busy, and dnt have flash anymore and my computers bein repaired, as well as my other computer,(no luck with computers) and still, even if i get my other computer repaired, it'll be in like a couple months, then i'd have to get my really old computer thats ready at the store, but my mummy is too damn lazy liek me, to go get it, after waiting several months i lost hope in getting it, and even though, ill have to get both my computers, get all my shit together off it if they cant repair it and move it to another cmputer, as of waiting many more weeks/months to do so, so i basically lost hope(in that). and in the last years, i changed so fucking much, grown a little bit mature when things go right, but im still a weird motherfuckr like before, a little story i have is that happened like 3 or so weeks ago is in walmart, there was a bunch of things wrapped up in plastic, it was tight, me my sis and her bf passed it and i started scratching the fuck outv it, it was so damn funny a dude tht worked there came up to me and was like "hello, are u ok? do u need anything? all u have to do is ask, do u need somethin?" and im like, naw im just playin. and he looked at me like he thought i belonged to some asylum for ppl who are mentally fucked in the head, it was really funny. So im kinda change, but kinda still the old me. and this is a long ass post already, damn lolz. but i had some of the best memories on here with my best friends who we used to fuck around on xat, Nick marco toxic and eagle, lol never 4get that fun time we had, its so weird how shit changes in the future and then once we get to the future from where we are in the past, we think in the present were in and think whats gonna change in the next future. oh my damn its crazy and weird, but thats why i hvt been posting anything here or updates, Im busy as fuck, lazy as hell, and no time to do anything in anymore, just live life basically. I had alot of fun wit everyone here, but my time of animation has ended. unless a shooting star falls from the sky and gives me motivation, inspiration to animate, but tht feelings just not there anymore to do it, so perhaps in the future. So yeah, basically lifes goin ok/good/great, any of those depends how or whats happening, and this is the longest fucking post i ever posted lol, i feel like im writing a book/story. But i have my mind set on other things now other then animation like, interesting things i wanna do like, Rap/poetry/piano/excersisin and being a badass. Like i dont barely play video games anymore either, its just so weird how things happen, at the same time very cool and interesting. its like an intense feeling u get.

Edit: holy buttfuck, i need to get my ass on here a little more and play some games and watch some shit, do that as soon as i get a mouse, bring back a couple memories.

Posted by NewgroundsDummie - November 26th, 2010

Yep, the sounds shat out on return of the living madness so i have to go back throughout the whole thing so far and add the sounds back, annoyingest thing is getting them all hd in flash and playing right.
But making alot of progress
Cj ran into wade on the way to the evac and now to shocked to leave the gun store.

No hope no cure huge problem

Posted by NewgroundsDummie - July 30th, 2010

Dead here.j

Posted by NewgroundsDummie - July 11th, 2010

Yup, after not being able to use the computer after having no power in it to run it. but no i been back for awhile now, just not posting, cause i dont got anything to post about, but now i actually got my mood back into animating, dunno how the hell i managed to do that when i wouldnt even open flash8, but this is basically rotlm's storyline.

First of all it starts by military carrying a chemical through a graveyard, till 1 suddenly leans on it and it falls and spills which then causes a virus and zombies to walk earth, their nearest evac is new orleans, since all the others have been swarmed, but together they travel to find other survivors also, right after realizing they cant keep waiting around so they make a break for it.

Edit:slow computer not animating again, i could animate if i wanted to though but i need to gather the sounds before i start animating so i dont forget to add anything, basically put in a part, and add the sounds the same time, so i think it looks good, be hard to do if i just animate with no sound, get faster later on, go get all the sounds, and have to go throughout the movie and see what needs what sound in it, find the sound and put it in there, or music, which i found some really good soundtracks, not releasing the names of them cause it will ruin it. 1st im animating now im not, jeez when does it end? cant even get screens up here cause im too slow.

Posted by NewgroundsDummie - April 18th, 2010

Ridiculous on how movies can be so inspiring.
And i cant believe im actuall doing this again.
Right now im currently on and of 4 projects instead of
making and finishing 1, moving to the other, im doing all at once,
so if i get bored with this 1, i do a bit on that 1 so i can keep everything
together. Take a guess what this is.
v suck on titties
another test here
shoostin test

Edit. 175 frames done as in only 2 days of working, Im very very very slow, Yes jebus 2 is still existing, such as my other secret project, and maybe some stupid shorts.
pic. v Edit: havnt been animating much at all, been playing 2 much l4d2, its very very awesome. My fav char. is coach.

oh god here we go again...

Posted by NewgroundsDummie - March 9th, 2010

Havent been really doing anything lately. Been busy wit school and shit.
But im doing some madness, not really alot tho.
I do have 2 things im currently working on, the first is one of my collab parts, second is the second part of jebus 1, dunno where thats gonna lead to, maybe the last jebus movie i make, depends on where i bring it.
Collab part is about 5%.
Jebus 2 is 0%.
only set up first scene sprites on it but will not start till end of march cause i wanna get collab shit done.
v pic from collab
Edit.638 frames done on jebus 2
4-8-10/ 1160 frames

edit, Jebus 2 is going by far great,just to much school and shit so im very slow on everything, collab part jebus 2 ect, but a other vacation is coming up next week so i get moar time to work.


Posted by NewgroundsDummie - December 28th, 2009

shooting test
shooting test2
drunk 133t

Edit:Ok, so the christmas movie isnt coming out :( it seems weird that if i make it on febuary :s and submit it in march or april kinda weird of a santa movie in april or march.

Edit:my mouse broke :( no animate.
Edit:I got anew 1 now, took quicker then i expect

Edit: i just relived i signed up here on madness day 07, lol
Edit: holy shit, this actually came out good.

Actually not back :\

Posted by NewgroundsDummie - November 1st, 2009

I give u test1

Test 1

Also please tell me if theres anything i need to work on, i really want to know.

This came out just exactly the way i pictured this being animated, i should do more tests before starting to animate on jesus 2 again.

Posted by NewgroundsDummie - September 27th, 2009

No i'm not dead.

Just been playing too much tt4, tta3 cod 4 and cod waw....yet i dont have my ps3 here so that means cod waw is out of the picture and i can now animate, still have no inspiration to animate anything but i will try...i decided to bring dead madness rising back from the dead since i canceled out all other projects...yes what a waste of fuckin time.

I was gonna keep it secret but who the hell gives.
School has been back for awhile and its just so pretty much a pain in the ass. That leaves time off from animating.

Omfg modern warfare 2 comes out 2 days before my bday and i rlly wanna get it.. it looks so so fuckin awesomez.
I need another summer vacation nowz so i can get away from school, or a Permanent vacation. Im just annoyed that the fact summer vacation sucked so bad this year. Just so busy, and i will be moving soon. Vermont sucks dick and i don't want to live here anymore.

......I may also have something else....

Edit 1

o0o0o0o0o0ohHhHhHhHhH well look i make a gun - Thompson front view. Is it good ? : D
Im now getting characters and guns all ready n shit....still on scene1 D : . Yes its very annoying to get everything set up, that i havent animated in over 5 months, maybe over 6. But g constipated ass fuck hahaha im so high right now i shouldn't even be posting, baiz im gonna go smoke on some crack.

Enjoy pic.

Edit 2
Ok wtf, already a problem? K the fps is 38, and now when i add cam, its like the fps is 12. Srsly wth.

Edit 3
I need a madness 8 soundsheet. Where can i find 1?

Edit 4
Madness 8 soundsheet found, thx to crazymonkey.
but now to madness?

Why am i not interested in animating cause i have no ispiration to do it!!! I dunno why,
Both projects are on hold due to problems and lack of inspiration.
Dmr . Hold = v cam problems.
Secret project . hold = lack of inspiration.

mmmm not dead