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Animating again

Posted by NewgroundsDummie - July 11th, 2010

Yup, after not being able to use the computer after having no power in it to run it. but no i been back for awhile now, just not posting, cause i dont got anything to post about, but now i actually got my mood back into animating, dunno how the hell i managed to do that when i wouldnt even open flash8, but this is basically rotlm's storyline.

First of all it starts by military carrying a chemical through a graveyard, till 1 suddenly leans on it and it falls and spills which then causes a virus and zombies to walk earth, their nearest evac is new orleans, since all the others have been swarmed, but together they travel to find other survivors also, right after realizing they cant keep waiting around so they make a break for it.

Edit:slow computer not animating again, i could animate if i wanted to though but i need to gather the sounds before i start animating so i dont forget to add anything, basically put in a part, and add the sounds the same time, so i think it looks good, be hard to do if i just animate with no sound, get faster later on, go get all the sounds, and have to go throughout the movie and see what needs what sound in it, find the sound and put it in there, or music, which i found some really good soundtracks, not releasing the names of them cause it will ruin it. 1st im animating now im not, jeez when does it end? cant even get screens up here cause im too slow.

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Good to know you're back at animating again! BTW, it's out: <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/541576">http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /541576</a>

i saw it. much better then 1st

Cool plot, looks like we're about to get a new awesome zombie-movie ^^
Good luck!

Yeah, especially with the soundtracks im using for it, been here almost 3 years, i think its time i make something big.

The plot sounds really awesome. Good luck on it.

avast! antivirus!

have avast and constantly scan and bang, nothing shows up, but yet my computer always acts like its getting fucked by a grandma, taking it in the ass real damn slow.