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mmmm not dead

Posted by NewgroundsDummie - September 27th, 2009

No i'm not dead.

Just been playing too much tt4, tta3 cod 4 and cod waw....yet i dont have my ps3 here so that means cod waw is out of the picture and i can now animate, still have no inspiration to animate anything but i will try...i decided to bring dead madness rising back from the dead since i canceled out all other projects...yes what a waste of fuckin time.

I was gonna keep it secret but who the hell gives.
School has been back for awhile and its just so pretty much a pain in the ass. That leaves time off from animating.

Omfg modern warfare 2 comes out 2 days before my bday and i rlly wanna get it.. it looks so so fuckin awesomez.
I need another summer vacation nowz so i can get away from school, or a Permanent vacation. Im just annoyed that the fact summer vacation sucked so bad this year. Just so busy, and i will be moving soon. Vermont sucks dick and i don't want to live here anymore.

......I may also have something else....

Edit 1

o0o0o0o0o0ohHhHhHhHhH well look i make a gun - Thompson front view. Is it good ? : D
Im now getting characters and guns all ready n shit....still on scene1 D : . Yes its very annoying to get everything set up, that i havent animated in over 5 months, maybe over 6. But g constipated ass fuck hahaha im so high right now i shouldn't even be posting, baiz im gonna go smoke on some crack.

Enjoy pic.

Edit 2
Ok wtf, already a problem? K the fps is 38, and now when i add cam, its like the fps is 12. Srsly wth.

Edit 3
I need a madness 8 soundsheet. Where can i find 1?

Edit 4
Madness 8 soundsheet found, thx to crazymonkey.
but now to madness?

Why am i not interested in animating cause i have no ispiration to do it!!! I dunno why,
Both projects are on hold due to problems and lack of inspiration.
Dmr . Hold = v cam problems.
Secret project . hold = lack of inspiration.

mmmm not dead

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get halo 3 odst... oh wait, YOU HAVE A PS3 HAHAHAAH


Was that sarcasm?

cool gun, i like the perspective :D

No. I'm serious, Its fucking awesome

There was a Thompson you made? Please give a link to the image- I never got to see it on this post D=. And it fucking sucks dick that you're having an FPS issue.


HOLY FUCK! Toxicdevil93 was right- that Thompson IS amazing!! Thanks for re-uploading the image.

As for a MC8 soundsheet..... Try taking the entire sound folder from this MC8 sheet: <a href="http://www.filesavr.com/inundationspritesheet">http://www.filesavr.com/inundationspr itesheet</a>

madness 8 soundsheet? well here's a linky

<a href="http://files.filefront.com/Mc8+Soundsh">http://files.filefront.com/Mc8+Sounds h</a> eetfla/;9601249;/fileinfo.html

compiled by delta

<a href="http://files.filefront.com/Mc8+Soundsheetfla/;9601249;/fileinfo.html">http://files.filefront.com/Mc8+Sounds heetfla/;9601249;/fileinfo.html</a>

if its still messed up remove the spaces


I hav a madness nine spritesheet and sound pack tht i can send u, if u want it pm me wit ur email if u wan it

thats a great picture

Holy shit nice gun. And where the fuck have you beern. Get the fuck on xat. Or do you have msn? Please give me your msn.

Oh shit dude im sorry. I didn't even know i still had you blocked on this account. Why didn't you say anything to me on kanamomashouse?