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mmmm not dead

2009-09-27 17:46:10 by NewgroundsDummie

No i'm not dead.

Just been playing too much tt4, tta3 cod 4 and cod waw....yet i dont have my ps3 here so that means cod waw is out of the picture and i can now animate, still have no inspiration to animate anything but i will try...i decided to bring dead madness rising back from the dead since i canceled out all other projects...yes what a waste of fuckin time.

I was gonna keep it secret but who the hell gives.
School has been back for awhile and its just so pretty much a pain in the ass. That leaves time off from animating.

Omfg modern warfare 2 comes out 2 days before my bday and i rlly wanna get it.. it looks so so fuckin awesomez.
I need another summer vacation nowz so i can get away from school, or a Permanent vacation. Im just annoyed that the fact summer vacation sucked so bad this year. Just so busy, and i will be moving soon. Vermont sucks dick and i don't want to live here anymore.

......I may also have something else....

Edit 1

o0o0o0o0o0ohHhHhHhHhH well look i make a gun - Thompson front view. Is it good ? : D
Im now getting characters and guns all ready n shit....still on scene1 D : . Yes its very annoying to get everything set up, that i havent animated in over 5 months, maybe over 6. But g constipated ass fuck hahaha im so high right now i shouldn't even be posting, baiz im gonna go smoke on some crack.

Enjoy pic.

Edit 2
Ok wtf, already a problem? K the fps is 38, and now when i add cam, its like the fps is 12. Srsly wth.

Edit 3
I need a madness 8 soundsheet. Where can i find 1?

Edit 4
Madness 8 soundsheet found, thx to crazymonkey.
but now to madness?

Why am i not interested in animating cause i have no ispiration to do it!!! I dunno why,
Both projects are on hold due to problems and lack of inspiration.
Dmr . Hold = v cam problems.
Secret project . hold = lack of inspiration.

mmmm not dead


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2009-09-28 20:54:17

get halo 3 odst... oh wait, YOU HAVE A PS3 HAHAHAAH


2009-09-29 18:53:57


NewgroundsDummie responds:

Was that sarcasm?


2009-09-30 16:55:02

cool gun, i like the perspective :D


2009-09-30 17:44:34

No. I'm serious, Its fucking awesome


2009-10-02 16:45:08

There was a Thompson you made? Please give a link to the image- I never got to see it on this post D=. And it fucking sucks dick that you're having an FPS issue.

NewgroundsDummie responds:



2009-10-03 08:21:47

HOLY FUCK! Toxicdevil93 was right- that Thompson IS amazing!! Thanks for re-uploading the image.


2009-10-03 08:25:40

As for a MC8 soundsheet..... Try taking the entire sound folder from this MC8 sheet: itesheet


2009-10-03 16:59:19

madness 8 soundsheet? well here's a linky h eetfla/;9601249;/fileinfo.html

compiled by delta


2009-10-03 17:00:02 heetfla/;9601249;/fileinfo.html

if its still messed up remove the spaces


2009-10-12 11:32:18



2009-10-13 15:06:09

I hav a madness nine spritesheet and sound pack tht i can send u, if u want it pm me wit ur email if u wan it


2009-10-17 18:04:43

thats a great picture


2009-10-19 19:44:45

Holy shit nice gun. And where the fuck have you beern. Get the fuck on xat. Or do you have msn? Please give me your msn.


2009-10-22 18:38:28

Oh shit dude im sorry. I didn't even know i still had you blocked on this account. Why didn't you say anything to me on kanamomashouse?