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No hope no cure huge problem

2010-11-26 07:09:13 by NewgroundsDummie

Yep, the sounds shat out on return of the living madness so i have to go back throughout the whole thing so far and add the sounds back, annoyingest thing is getting them all hd in flash and playing right.
But making alot of progress
Cj ran into wade on the way to the evac and now to shocked to leave the gun store.

No hope no cure huge problem


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2010-11-26 07:55:43

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2010-12-06 00:09:07

Just good to know that you are back at madness :)

NewgroundsDummie responds:

Yeah, time i start fully animating again and my computers going to hell again.


2010-12-07 22:06:00

Good to see you back! That guy with the Mohawk somehow looks like he's gonna get fucked.....


2010-12-12 11:44:59

Why are they so serious?


2011-01-26 22:00:31

Enjoying 2011 so far?

NewgroundsDummie responds:

annyoing 2011 so far, lack of animating, and lack of doing stuff, just watchin family guy, boondocks, and being lazy as hell.


2011-05-25 18:07:08



2011-06-28 09:13:26

Hey dude Zombie Interactive 2 was pretty good!


2011-07-03 20:33:12

Since NewGroundsDummie is being too fucking lazy to even make a SIMPLE NEW NEWS POST, I'll summarize up why he's been gone for so long. I'm a good friend of his. Life's been rough for him, from actual life, to his computer completely messing up and losing a lot of his flash files that he had. I don't know why the fuck he's too lazy to make a simple new news post, but yeah, that's where hes been. He's back right but, but he animates more than he talks and he's to fuckin lazy to make a new news post, so yeah.


2011-07-03 20:34:10

Also, he is working on a Madness project and is hoping to get it out.


2011-09-22 20:05:45

If you make it in time..... Happy Madness Day 2011!


2012-03-11 00:09:16

Oh hey

NewgroundsDummie responds:

0H hai d4re!! :D