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Not even fun

Major bugs, major lag, and i've ran into several players that don't die, and they shoot u once, and u die,


Where should i start:
the upgrades are expensive as hell and to the point u get barely any points in the actual game, like 800 points at around level 8 or 9, the health upgrades were pretty much useless considering u need gun speed every single round, and it just doesn't seem to speed up after the first few rounds so they get to the base and destroy it.

Wow really?

This game is epic, but ur telling me i spent 4 hours playing this to get a score of 500025, at level 352, but the score didn't submit when i submitted it? That is the biggest waste of time ever....

Really glitched

I made it to the guitar hero battle till it got really annoying since theres such a small ammount of space to see the keys, and the keys just go 100 mph.

On the other side the part with the barrel, i found myself getting killed nearly 20 times, most the time it would spawn really small, then grow as it got close so it was impossible to jump over, and found myself getting killed alot trying to open the door cause the spawn on the barrel was just overwhelming, and many times the barrel would spawn x2 cause i died, but then before i could even move another barrel came and killed me.

The door wasnt bad, but wasnt good, pretty annoying cause the delay when you press 1.

and another part was moving the box while you get your ass owned by the chainsaws cause usually when i moved the box i would jump on it to dodge the chainsaws but when i jumped the chainsaw would go under me and i would die.

So pretty glitched game.

terrible problem.

Well i click play but it doesnt go no where.

Epic game

levels are really good, a good challenge to figure out, and got good music.

hahahhaha u got some good games.

lol i typed
"come home with me"
and i failed.

epic game.

just a problem, i did the donut medal, but i didnt get?

PuffballsUnited responds:

One donut is not enough.

Seen alot of these

This is the worse one out there. NO background. Barley a choice in anything!

About 15 minutes

To only accomplish 4597452.3ft
with 656532 money earned from that, i don't think ill play again anytime soon.

Do you know what suck the heads means? Cause i came down here with keith once, and he didn't know, and, i mean it aint nothin bad, its about eatin

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